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Popham Francis William Home

From Gawler
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth 1848

Date of death 1903

Son of William Home Popham and Esther Popham Born 1848 and died 27th January 1903 aged 55 years. No cause of death recorded. Interred in St Georges Anglican Cemetery Gawler; Est 1861 Burial #562 on 29th January 1903 into plot R21.

Dr F.W.H. Popham resided at 25 High Street, Gawler East in his home called Craiglea; the home of his late father William Home Popham.

According to E.H. Coombe, M.P. History of Gawler 1837 – 1908 [EHC] [EHC p294] “ Dr. F.W.H. Popham, was the only son of Dr. W.H. Popham. Born in the English Channel in 1848, he came to Gawler when a boy. After qualifying for his profession in England, he served on the surgical staff of the Germans in the Franco-Prussian war. He returned to S.A. in 1872 and carried on his late father’s practice until his own death on January 27, 1903. He was President of the Institute, Vice-President of the Agricultural Society, P.M. of the Gawler Lodge of Freemasons, Honorary Officer of Health to the Local Board of Health, and was connected with various local philanthropic, athletic, and friendly society bodies. Devoted to military work, he attained the rank of Col. Brigadier Surgeon in the S.A. forces.”

[EHC p209] “The loyal Victoria Lodge was opened at the Victoria Hotel, Willaston on March 26,1867. ….the first officers were…..F.W.H. Popham (Secretary)….” However P130 states that Dr F.W.H. Popham came from England in 1872. ???? [EHC p130] arrived from England in 1872.

According to George E. Loyau The Gawler Handbook [GEL] [GEL p167] 1872 was on the committee to organize the erection of the McKinlay monument. [GEL p120] Dr Popham was president of Gawler Cricket Club. [EHC p61] October 8, 1883 was appointed first Officer of Health for the Town of Gawler. [EHC p88] President of the Institute Part of 1881, 1884, 1885. [EHC p199] 1891 Past Master of the Lodge of Fidelity [EHC p238] 12/3/1891 Gawler Jockey Club founded- meeting convened by Dr Popham. [EHC p259] The Gawler Club was founded 22/2/1873 and Dr Popham was a member. In 1880 it was in the basement of the Town Hall building. [EHC p47] Mayor G Bright said that Dr Popham was Officer of Health and hard to replace in 1903. [EHC p175] In April, 1904, an oak lectern was presented [to the St Georges Church of England in Orleana Square – Cowan Street] by Mrs Popham in memory of her late husband.

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