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Mill Inn Gawler South

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Fast Facts
Town or Locality: Gawler South
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The following information has been gathered with permission from “Hotels and Publicans in South Australia” by J.L. (Bob) Hoad Adelaide 1986 ISBN 0 86745 002 9 and ISBN 0 9595446 2 3

MILL Inn – Gawler South

Existed 1858 – 1920

1858 – 1866 Buckerfield H.W. (W.H. ?)

1866 Woltmann C.

1867 Woltmann C.H.J.

1867 – 12.9.1875 Coxell J.

13.9.1875 – 11.6.1876 Russ(i)ack F.W.

12.6.1876 – 1877 Laffin (Laffen ?) Joshua

1878 ?? was it A. Henderson as shown on a photo?

1879 – 1881 Frayne Thomas

1882 Stoneham A.C.

1882 – 12.6.1883 Lumbers C.

13.6.1883 – 1885 Hodge(s) T.

1886 Sucker T.W.

1887 – 1889 Kimber J.

1890 Fogden M.A.

1891 – 1892 Kearns Mary

1893 – 1896 Collier David

1897 Young Wm.

1898 Mee John

1899 Faichney Wm.

1900 Fisher Chas.

1901 Hussey E.H. Mrs.

1902 – 1903 Hanna Jno.

1904 – 1905 Maher E.V.

1906 – 1907 Lambert M. Mrs.

1908 Thoms J.

1908 – 1917 Carbins John

1918 – 1920 Carbins Mrs.

On 18/3/1920 there was a sale of furniture and liquor after the Licencing Court refused a licence renewal.

According to BevBurke's research, it was once owned by the Fotheringham Brothers. It became Mrs Broadstock's home from 1923.

[I can remember c1965 the end building on the corner of 7th Street used to be a Delicatessen, and one needed to be very agile to traverse the steps and/or slope up from the Adelaide Road footpath below. BGT.]

Hyde and Partners have renovated the building and neighbouring house and created their Medical Centre - from the Mill Inn Bridge to 7th Street.

Please click here to see photos of Mill Inn.

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