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Martindale Duffield Street 1

From Gawler
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Fast Facts
Also known as: Martindale Nursing Home
Address: 1 Duffield Street
Town or Locality: Gawler East
Year constructed:
The date "1872, 1895" was not understood.
Year demolished or re-purposed: 1966
Built by: Thorup Emil, Martin John F
Used for: Private Residence, Nursing Home 1966-
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[RHr] Emil Thorup the Chemist, born in Denmark in 1813, came to Gawler in 1856 and while he resided here for 20 years before he returned to Denmark, he built Martindale in 1872 and later sold it to John Felix Martin.

The rates records show that William Paxton originally owned the land where Martindale is now, and Emil Thorup took ownership sometime prior to 1868. At that time, there was just vacant land. Emil Thorup built the house, which was substantial in size, sometime between 1868 and 1876. Emil Thorup owned and lived in the house until 1879, and the house is listed as having an orangery at that time. The house was then owned by John Felix Martin (not James Martin) from 1879, and he lived there until at least 1892.

James Martin & Co owned land just to the north of Martindale, which contained workshops associated with the foundry, but it was John Felix Martin who owned and occupied Martindale, according to the rates records.

Martindale is historically significant for its association with some of Gawler's leading families, particularly the Martin family which played a major role in the town's industrial and commercial development.

Architecturally, the place is significant for the way in which it reflects the style of large residences built in Gawler during firstly, the period of settlement and secondly, the period of industrial expansion. The house therefore reflects two different styles from the Victorian era.

Having a commanding position in Gawler, Martindale has important townscape value.

Martindale is in two sections, the earlier having been built in 1872 and the later in 1895. The 1872 section, built for Gawler chemist Emil Thorup, is two storey and of stone with a flat roof. Its style is a reminder of arcaded Mediterranean design. The 1895 section, built for John F Martin (manager of the James Martin and Company Foundry), is of an entirely different style and it dramatically altered the house. It too is of stone and is two storey, but it is much more pretentious, featuring stained glass, ornate plasterwork around openings and comers, cast iron work, a central ornate entrance doorway and a large formal drive. Its style is ornate late Victorian.

The building remained a private residence until 1966,when it was bought by Max Powell and converted into a nursing home. It was sold in 1978 to Mr Bonnie and in 1980 to the Parker family, owners of the Abbingdon Nursing Home on Cross Road.

Conversion of the place's function saw some unsympathetic alterations, though the building still has reasonable integrity and is in good condition.

Gawler Council has given Development approval, subject to conditions, for the multi million dollar redevelopment of the existing aged care complex by constructing a three story "state of the art" Nursing Home and a "village" of three, three story Independent Living Units

There are more photos of Martindale available here. Click Here to view the Gawler Grande Views Extention

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View from the rear yard of Martindale
View from the rear yard of Martindale
Martindale, 1950.
Martindale, 1950.
Martindale as you approach from Calton Road
Martindale as you approach from Calton Road
Martindale, view from rear yard in 1980.
Martindale, view from rear yard in 1980.
Martindale Nursing Home, Incorrect Information.
Martindale Nursing Home, Incorrect Information.

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