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Even more Gawler historical images

Also join us on Flickr to view our vast collection of historical images.

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There are many albums that are still awaiting an appropriate article to compliment the photographs within. We would love your contribution, please email any article to or chat with us at the next meeting - see below.

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We meet on the first Thursday of each month (except January) in the Zion Lutheran Hall, rear of 22 Cowan Street Gawler from 7:15 - 9:30pm. Please contact for more information

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For upcoming events visit Town of Gawler's website

Look what's on our wiki!

Cowan Street 21, Anglican Rectory
Cowan Street 21, Anglican Rectory

Well known Gawler photographer, Paul Barnet, has spent a large portion of the last two years taking photos of all of the beautiful houses, businesses and other heritage areas as listed in the Town of Gawler's Development Plan

Paul has so far photographed 888 of Gawler's lovely heritage homes. Click here to see them all.

Can you go through your Gawler photos and send them to us please?
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