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King Stephen

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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual

Stephen King was born at Kelby, Lincolnshire on August 17 1806, and journeyed to Australia on the Orleana, arriving on January 15th 1839.

Together with Henry Dundas Murray and John Reid, who had been fellow passengers on the voyage, a Special Survey of 4000 acres was obtained at the junction of the North and South Para rivers.

The special survey was not restricted to the three, but spread over a total of 12 persons. Stephen King settled on the North Para river, naming his property “Kingsford” In 1840, three bushrangers who held up the property. They were caught and hanged at Adelaide Gaol.

He became a magistrate for three years at Pt Augusta and Melrose, then was appointed Inspector of Timber, after which he went into a quiet retirement at Kensington where he died on January 15 1882 in his 76th year.

Compiled by Graham Tucker

Please also see the article provided by Richard E Henderson relating to the Fotheringham Family, from page 29 relating to S King.

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A.P. Harvey's book [ISBN 0 9588286 1 X] "I called it Salisbury" [a biography of John Harvey "The founder of Salisbury"] Page 43..."By 1844, the industrial development of the colony was making rapid progress. There were two main foundries, one in Grenfell Street owned by Mr. Wyatt.....Mr. Wyatt's foundry constructed a four horse-power marine engine for Mr. Stephen King, whose Flour Mill at Gawler stood opposite Miss Calton's Old Spot Inn."

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