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Gawler Textile Arts Weekend 2015

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The Gawler Quilting Circle once again coordinated the Gawler Textile Art Weekend which was held on October 10th & 11th 2015. This is the twelfth such weekend that has been held.

The event was held over two days with ten like minded local art and craft groups participating at different venues throughout Gawler to showcase their various talents. There was a large range of different art and craft ranging from embroidery, quilts, art, doll making and craft items on display.

The grant received from the Quilters Guild of South Australia assisted the Gawler Quilting Circle with the costs associated with our own quilting exhibition. This was once again held in the Gawler Institute and the two shops that attended were "Patchwork by Sea" and "Quilters Quarters" and from all appearances they seemed to be doing a good trade and having lots of fun. This year we managed to find space for a small "cafe" which proved to be very popular with those attending.

Over the two days there were over 400 people who attended the quilt exhibition "Lights, Camera, Action - Quilts". A movie theme with decorations, transformed the Institute into a beautiful setting for the 160 quilts that were displayed. There was a "Glitz & Glamour" corner where the challenge quilts were hung. Each of these quilts incorporated the fabric in the challenge packs and they were indeed very glamorous.

This year the committee requested from the members all of those "Orphan Blocks" that they had at home and from that a quilted car cover was made. It proved to be very popular with the local community and created a lot of discussion. We also purchased a tear drop banner advertising our group.

The major raffle and the shoe box raffle resulted in three organisations in Gawler each receiving a significant donation for their various projects. The funds were given to Fred's Van, Dyslexia Australia and the Blue Light Disco. As a small group we feel that this was a wonderful result and made possible by those who attended and supported us.

The feedback from the other groups who participated was very positive and they all reported good attendances.

The committee of the Gawler Quilting Circle worked tirelessly for almost a year to ensure the success of the day. We were fortunate to be given several grants and this meant that we were able to donate some of the profits made back to the local community.

This Textile Art Weekend raised the focus of Gawler to many people and one of the results is that our own group gave out information to several potential new members.

The outcomes that were hoped for have been well and truly met and the Gawler Quilting Circle, as the coordinating group of the Textile Art Weekend, is very appreciative of the support given to the event by the Quilters Guild of South Australia.

Anne Webb

Secretary – Gawler Quilting Circle Inc.

Photos relating to this 2015 weekend are now available to you Click Here

Please Click Here To View Gawler_Textile_Arts_Weekend_2011_-_Always_the_bridesmaid,_never_the_bride

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Memories of Gawler Textile Arts Weekend 2015

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