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Gawler Prize 2014 Category 2 - Residential

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The 2014 Gawler Prize.

Excellence in Building and Landscaping/Garden design.

Mr Scott Meek was the judge for 2014.

Mr Scott Meek Architect for Phillips/Pilkington Architects. Lead coordinator of ONE:ONE Adelaide. Registered Architect with the Architectural Practice Board of South Australia Member of the Australian Institute of Architects.

The Nominations,

12 Separate nominations for 2014 consisting of 5 Commercial properties, 2 residential properties and 5 landscaping/garden designs.

Residential nominations were judged on three separate criteria as follows,

1. Contribution/response to streetscape and local built environment.

2. Incorporation of environmentally sustainable initiatives.

3. Architectural innovation.

A mark out of ten was given for each criteria.

To view photos of nominations. click here.

Full details of awards are available from the Town of Gawler Council report available to the public. The awards were announced on 14th April 2015.

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