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Gawler Heritage Collection Committee

From Gawler
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Community Service

Date established: 2015

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The Gawler Public Library manages the Gawler Heritage Collection on behalf of Council. The Gawler Heritage Collection comprises of three unique collections: The Gawler Institute Archives Collection: which consists of the administrative records of the former Gawler Institute.

The Gawler Local History Collection: which began with items that were collected or donated during the researching and writing of the history of Gawler and its region by Dr Derek Whitelock. New items are continually being added and it is stored within the Gawler Public Library. The contents of the Collection are included in the Library’s computer-based catalogue with call numbers prefixed ‘LH’. It includes books, some oral history recordings and transcripts, and some video recordings. Many of the items are available to researchers for use within the Library.

The Gawler Civic Collection: which comprises of Items given to or purchased by the Gawler Council by virtue of its Civic role. While these collections are primarily paper-based (including photographic records), there are also many historical objects such as portraits, paintings, maps, plans and textiles.

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Please see below link to the latest Gawler Civic Centre Progress Report that was presented at the 28 November 2017 Council Meeting – it starts on page 64.

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