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Gawler Health Service

From Gawler
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Government
Also known as: Gawler Hospital
Street number: 21
Street name: Hutchinson
Street suffix: Road
Town or locality: Gawler East
Date established: 1994
Established by: South Australian Health Commission
Business or purpose: Public Hospital
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The premises of the former Hutchinson Hospital and associated assets were sold and the net proceeds of the sale (after clearing all the Trust's debts and expenses) were paid to the South Australian Health Commission to offset the cost of building and equipping this new public hospital.

Gawler Hospital provides acute services ranging from in-hospital care by local general practitioners to specialist surgical, obstetric, paediatric and anaesthetic services delivered by medical consultants.

Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia is a serious bloodstream infection (sometimes called SAB or 'golden staph') that may be associated with hospital care. This Hospital is proud of the fact that 0 cases of SAB occurred during 11,845 days of patient care between 1st July 2010 and 30th June 2011.

The Hospital was able to supply the following services from 1st July 2010 to 30th June 2011; Elective surgery, Emergency department, Hospice care unit, Obstetrics, Outpatient services and the provision of consulting rooms for visiting Specialists, pathology and physiotherapy providers.

Please click here for photos of the Gawler Health Service.

External Links

Main Entrance
Main Entrance
Casualty Entrance
Casualty Entrance
Hutchinson Hospital Mural
Hutchinson Hospital Mural

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