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Fischer Family History

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Fast Facts
Type of person Family

Memories from the past keep coming back to me for these never-to-be-completely-recorded memoirs, so, day by day:

Higgledy, piggledy, my old black pen,

Will jot down things from yore and from yen;

Some very important and others not so,

But all sure did happen as these lines will show!

In recent years my father has become more involved in the past, as experienced by many of us as we age. I think there have been several catalysts for these memoirs. My mother has always kept meticulous diaries of their travels – even an interstate car trip would involve a log of times, distances and costs. Their trips to Germany over the years have also spurred a quest for learning more about the Fischer ancestry and my father and Gertrud Fischer had done some preparatory work towards a Fischer Family Book.

Their efforts were overtaken with the publishing of the book about his side of the descendants of Paul Gerhard Eusebius Fischer in Australia by Clem Fischer from Perth in the 1980’s and the supplementary part of the family tree which included our branch. Therefore, much of the material relating to the German origins which appeared in Clem Fischer’s books were already known to my father, but some extra information was held by him and more information has been obtained since. My father was on the committee which organised a very successful Temme reunion in 1986 and subsequent to this, for some years he was active on the archives committee of Bethlehem Lutheran Church. So, if anyone should realise the importance of recorded history, it should be him.

These memoirs have been transcribed by me, from his handwritten notes, some of which date back many years. Where possible, I have copied his notes directly but was given free hand by him to set this out however I thought most appropriate, interesting and readable. Editorial comment has been added (along with metric equivalents) in italics.

Tim Fischer Adelaide. December 2002

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My Gawler house in the 1920's
My Gawler house in the 1920's
My old Gawler house (arrowed) with an army camp and hobbled horses on the racecourse  c. 1930's
My old Gawler house (arrowed) with an army camp and hobbled horses on the racecourse c. 1930's
Studying on the Gawler verandah 1942
Studying on the Gawler verandah 1942

Memories of Fischer Family History

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