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Early Settler - Miscellaneous Information

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Orleana – the ship bringing Gawler’s first settlers.

The attached picture shows those who came to South Australia by ship in the Orleana in the 1830’s and the many other ships and passengers of the time. Please click on the photo to see a larger version.

Please click here to view the photos.

When looking at the First Settlers oval of pictures produced by Duryea, for more info and photos click on.....

THE 1851 GOLD RUSH to Victoria by Gawler citizens.

Robert Haysom research states ..... James Martin said "In October 1851 people went to the diggings, and at Christmas they came back with a lot of gold. Then everybody went. Some sold everything they had, even the home, to be able to go. The majority went in 1852. I was doing some work that I wanted to finish. I employed 15 men. They were all leaving and I convinced a few to remain and finish the work, then we closed up. I went away in March 1852. When they returned they brought a lot of money with them."

Dr Nott said "Business of all kind was suspended, and several public houses were closed. Everything seemed at a standstill for several months. This remarkable state of affairs continued until gradually the diggers returned; most laden with money and looking to take advantage of these prosperous times. Business revived, the value of labour rose, land increased in value, every trade prospered and in the ensuring years Gawler flourished."

It has been recorded that during the Gold Rush, there were only 6 men left in Gawler.

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External Links

First settlers 1839
First settlers 1839
the back of the frame of early settlers
the back of the frame of early settlers
Original Land Holders of Gawler Special Survey
Original Land Holders of Gawler Special Survey
Dashwood Charles Connor - Mayor
Dashwood Charles Connor - Mayor
Gawler as seen in c1920  (4)
Gawler as seen in c1920 (4)
Gawler as seen in c1920  (3)
Gawler as seen in c1920 (3)
Gawler as seen in c1920  (2)
Gawler as seen in c1920 (2)

Memories of Early Settler - Miscellaneous Information

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