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Dry Dr. Peter

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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual

I was born and raised in Adelaide. After graduating in Agricultural Science at the University of Adelaide, my first job was Research Officer in the Department of Agriculture at the Loxton Research Centre. During my time at Loxton (1970-75), I married Chris and we had our first son Ben. In May 1975 we moved to the Gawler area when I commenced as Lecturer in Viticulture at Roseworthy Agricultural College. For the first few months we lived on campus during which time our second son Matt was born. In August 1975 we purchased a new house on Adelaide Rd Evanston East and lived there until 1983. Our third son Nick was born in 1978. We lived in a rented house in King St Gawler for 6 months in 1983 while our new house was being built at 5 Mary St Gawler East.

Our sons attended Gawler East Primary School and Faith Lutheran College. Chris and I were involved with GEPS in many ways. I was a member of the Gawler Apex club from 1977 until 1989 (in those days you had to retire from Apex at 40): President, Secretary (twice), Director of Public Speaking and Debating (many years), Apexian of the Year 1984/85 and organizer of the annual wine-tasting fundraiser held in the Gawler Institute for at least 10 years. I also played tennis for Tod St and was playing coach of several basketball teams. Because our sons were involved in several sports, I managed junior tennis teams for both Tod St and Lutheran-St Georges, coached Gawler East Primary School basketball teams, had various roles with GEPS junior football and watched all sons play junior and senior hockey for Gawler Hockey Club.

During my time in Gawler I completed both Masters and PhD at the University of Adelaide. In 1990, Roseworthy Agricultural College merged with University of Adelaide and this required me to relocate to the Waite Campus in 1992. For the next 3 years I commuted to the Waite by train and bus. In late 1995, we left Gawler after 20 years and moved to our current residence in Belair. I retired from the University in 2008 as Associate Professor. Since that time I have worked as a part-time consultant at the Australian Wine Research Institute and have continued to write books about grapes and wine.

We look back on our time in Gawler with great fondness and keep in touch with both current and former Gawler residents.

The Advertiser page 18 Thursday October 2nd 2014 announced that "Peter Dry was granted the Maurice O'Shea Award last night for his outstanding contribution to the Australian wine industry." Congratulations Peter.

Dry Peter (A/Prof) 24nov2007
Dry Peter (A/Prof) 24nov2007

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