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About Now and Then

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Now and Then was an initiative of the Collections Council of Australia. The pilot implementation during 2009 in Mallala, South Australia, was funded by a grant from the .auda Foundation.

The project was developed and is now managed by Sweet Technology a community informatics firm based in Adelaide.

Now and Then is designed to be used by communities large and small to record and share information about life in their places, both past and present. Following the sustained success of the pilot project, we envisage a growing network of Now and Then communities across Australia, sharing a common platform to promote the preservation and understanding of Australia’s history and cultural heritage. Gawler is the second community to establish a Now and Then wiki.

Now and Then is built on the MediaWiki platform, the same software used for the world's most famous wiki, Wikipedia.

To read a presentation on the Now and Then wiki pilot project , presented at the 2010 Museums and the Web International Conference for Culture and Heritage Online, visit  Putting Mallala on the Map: Creating a Wiki Community with Now and Then

For more information please contact Sweet Technology via email to

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