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Mahoney Dr David

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David Mahoney, who was born about 1819 and educated in County Kerry, had settled in Gawler at the end of the 1840s, the second doctor to practice here (The first doctor in Gawler was, so far as is known, Dr Morton, who was here in the middle of the forties). Dr Mahoney must have done well as nearly the whole of Gawler East, north of Lyndoch Road, and east of the old cemetery (Pioneer Park), was known as "Mahony's Paddock”.

Dr and Mrs Mahoney built the original homestead of Yenda in Gawler East, and he was also the first worshipful master of the Lodge of Fidelity. Eliza and David Mahoney had 2 daughters christened ‘Jane Edith’ and ‘Blanche Mathilde’ Mahoney. Not only is this from where the name ‘Blanche’ in Blanche Street originates (note it has an ‘e’), but the next street down is called Edith Street, after the first daughter. Both streets are well within ‘Mahon(e)y’s Paddock’.

The Mahoneys also had 3 sons after the girls from 1851 to 1856, but all 3 boys died in infancy, and each in turn was christened ‘David’. Unfortunately, David Mahoney died before he turned 40, in early 1858, after which Eliza sold Yenda to a Dr William Hull Lewis whose family occupied the house till the 1890s.

Eliza and her two young daughters lived in North Adelaide for 20 years before she and Edith went to live (and finally die) in England, where they were reunited with the wider family. Eliza never remarried, and Edith too remained single. At least Blanche Mathilde married in Adelaide in 1880 a Mr Harold Vivian from Cornwall, and they, too, eventually went to live in England.

Compiled by Dr. John A. Stephenson

Please click here for photos of Dr D Mahoney.

Please click here to view Mahoney's paddock - info from Rates Database Thankyou Helen Wilmore for providing this important information.

“Our records can’t tell you how far east Dr Mahoney’s land, ie Mahoney’s Paddock, extended. See the attached map – the land was bounded by Lyndoch Rd and Warren St / Union Street (named “High Street” in the 1800s), and extended at least to Blanch St and Edith St, and probably to East Terrace or further. It contained a substantial house finished in 1860 after Dr Mahoney died. The house had 17 rooms and was associated with “40 acres of land”.

(Interestingly, the 1800s Gawler rates records show Blanch Street spelt without an “e”, and so do the 1800s maps I have. This includes a map dated 1863 - Plan of Gawlertown and its Suburban Townships, compiled by George Warren 1863; held at State Records)

Dr Helen Wilmore Coordinator Gawler Historical Rates Assessment Database”

Article written 23/1/1898 by Dr David Mahony's [note spelling] wife Elisa Sarah MAHONY, 60 years after she came to Gawler.......

P80 "I married David Mahony who practised in Gawler and built that good house "Yenda" now owned by Mr W.R. Lewis to whom I sold it. Dr Mahony died in 1857 and I, for some years, lived in Childers Street, North Adelaide, but in 1880 my youngest daughter Blanche married Harold Vivian of Cornwall."

Please click here to read Mahony Letters in Bunyip 1910-12-30 and 1911-09-01

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