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How to use this wiki site

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Using a wiki is easy. A wiki is first and foremost a web site. You can do all the things you do on any web site. You can look at text and images, play video, follow hyperlinks or search for content.

What is special about a wiki web site is that registered users can comment, or add to and change what appears on a site. Registration is free and open to everyone. All that is required is an email address and a willingness to make a contribution.

To register as a user on the Now and Then wiki, click on the join button in the left hand column or click create an account  A simple sign in process allows you to become a member with the ability to create articles, edit, comment and contribute.

Learning how to use the wiki authoring and editing tools is easy. The site uses the Mediawiki software, which is the same as that used for Wikipedia, the world famous online encyclopaedia. Now and Then works somewhat differently from Wikipedia, but the principles are the same.

The tabs across the top of the article allow you to edit, add or comment on it.

By default, the page tab is active when you view an article. You can view other information using the other tabs such as discussion and history.

When you are a registered user and have logged in to the site, you see a different set of tabs above the article. These include Edit, Delete, Move, Protect and Watch.

Edit gives you the ability to change the content in the article, using the data form and text authoring tools.See Help:Edit to learn more about editing.

Watch enables you to be emailed details about any changes to a particular article.

Always remember to save your changes before exiting.

For our first Now and Then community in Mallala, South Australia, public information and training sessions have been conducted at the Mallala Primary School for those who wanted more formal training in using the wiki and the Internet.

For more help with using the wiki, send an email to: Sweet Technology manager of the Now and Then project.

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